You, like every parent, try to give your child the best, then we have great news for you! Mental arithmetic - The best investment in the development of the mental activity of your baby!


1. The foundation for the self-realization in life ; 2. Increase performance on the subjects at school; 3. Diversifying from mathematics to music; 4. Quick study Language ; 5. Confidence a; 6. Initiative and independence; 7. Development leadership skills ; 8. Self-realization .


- Concentration; - A photographic memory; - creative thinking, - Attention and observation; - Imagination; - The accuracy and speed of reaction; - Logic and intuition; - analytical thinking; - self-confidence. We help children reach their potential, develop imagination and increase the speed of thinking through innovative learning. Mental arithmetic is developing the child's ability to succeed in any business. Classes Mental arithmetic to help train the neural connections (SONET) cells in the brain of your child, develop speed and quality of his thinking. This can be compared to sports training.

Mental arithmetic is what it

• The innovative course of development of intellectual abilities of the child, built on the basis of an oral account of the system?; • Better suited for children from 4 to 16 years; • develop the ability to focus the child's attention and speed of information perception; • Increases self-esteem, initiative; • Improves memory; • Develop both hemispheres; • Stimulate the development of fine motor skills. The technique has been running successfully in 52 countries (USA, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the UAE, China, etc.).

How it works

At the heart of mental arithmetic -? Extensive use of child accounts (abacus). At the initial stage of training, he uses both hands for operations with accounts bones, stimulating the work of both hemispheres of the brain. After passing this stage, children are transferred to the account in the mind. Each workout stimulates the imagination, so that later he can make calculations in his mind, only billed abacus in front of him and the mentally making a movement bones (work with imaginary accounts). A child trained mental arithmetic, solving a math problem, seeing as a number of pictures, because each specific number makes him the association of the corresponding images on the bones of accounts.

Why is this age?

The most intensively developing brain in children under 12 years. That is why we recommend an early age to learn foreign languages, play musical instruments, to develop other types of activities, because it is this kind of activity stimulates brain function and learning is easier.

What does a child?

He can add a 10-digit number for a few seconds and solve arithmetic problems in his mind faster than using a calculator. In addition, develop concentration of attention, photographic memory, creative thinking, listening and observation, imagination.
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